Tuesday, 14 October 2014

College magazine research

Here is the research that I used to give me an idea on what I should put into my college magazine.

Front Covers

I like the black/gray/white background on this magazine.
I don't like how much clutter there is around the page, to me it seems like there is too much on the cover.

I like the colour scheme of this cover, the blue and yellow text fits well with the background.
I also like the font and how some less important text is a smaller size than other more important text.

I don't like the editing on this cover, nothing seems to blend well together and there is too many different colours.
I do like how the cover clearly shows the magazines low price as this will tempt more people to buy it.

I like how this magazine has a variety of contents, from revision tips to new music and prizes.

Contents pages

I don't like how inconsistent the text is on this contents page, some is higher and thinner when it doesn't seem like it should stand out in any way.
I do like how the colours contrast on this contents page.


I don't like how squished the text is.
I don't like the borders of the images because they are different sizes and widths and it looks inconsistent and rushed.

I like how professional this contents page looks.
I like the how the background fades from one colour to another.
I like how all the information is spaced out, giving it a tidy, organized look.

I like the symmetrical design of this contents page.
I like how organized the layout of the text is, the different pages are split into categories.

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