Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I have made a questionnaire to get a better idea about what my audience wants from a magazine. I will embed it in this post. Please take the time to fill this questionnaire out as it will help me create a better end product.

The four theories of media are:
The Hypodermic Needle Model
Two-Step Flow
Uses and Gratifications
Reception Theory

I tried to use these four theories to design my questionnaire to be more helpful to me as it will give me more helpful results.

The Hypodermic Needle Model suggests that audiences passively receive the information transmitted through media text, without trying to process or challenge the information.
This theory was not useful in this task I was not trying to pass on any information.

Two-Step Flow is the idea that information does not flow directly from the media into the minds of its audience unchanged, but is filtered through "opinion leaders" who can pass the information on to associates that they have influence over.
This was useful as I could design some of my questions to find out who influences the audience the most, both by straight up asking the audience who influences them the most and by finding out what they enjoy doing as its likely that they have a role model related to that hobby.

Uses and Gratifications is another media theory. The results that were published in 1974 about this theory show that individuals might choose to use a piece of media for the following purposes:
Diverion - Escaping from their problems or boring routines.
Personal Relationships - Using media to substitute for other interaction.
Personal Identity - The audience finds themselves reflected in media, and can take on behaviour and traits from the piece.
Surveillance - Audience uses the text to find out information which could be useful for living.

I used this theory when asking what the audience look for in a magazine, this could help me find out anything I need to put into the magazine that would possibly make it more popular and useful to the audience.

Reception theory is the final theory of media. This theory states that text is encoded by the producer and decoded by the audience, and that the audience might not receive the exact same information that the producer wanted them to receive.

I used this theory to design a lot of my questions, by remaining neutral in my questions and not sending any opinions across, as well as leaving as much space as possible for the audience to type their own responses. By doing this I believe I did not "encode" my questions, so the audience will not have to "decode" the information, meaning that I can receive the helpful results I need with no misunderstandings.

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